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The Hague, the Netherlands

0. Fixing your machine when it breaks down.

Call me (on 01 728 454 484) and I'll do what I can. Right now. If it only takes a few minutes or so I won't charge you a penny! If it takes longer, or I need to come and visit you, I'll charge you - after we've agreed the rate.

1. Helping you to select, and then acquire, your new Apple Macintosh computer

There are a number of straightforward questions I ask to help decide what machine would suit you best. Typically I then suggest that you buy it from my Apple Salesperson, have it shipped to me, install any extras (like RAM, special software), install any updates, and then bring the machine to you to get it running at your desk.

2. Getting onto the internet

Apple Macintosh computers have always been easy to network, and that's no different for getting an Apple computer online using dial-up, or any of the flavours of broadband. I try to insist that you use a router - much less trouble than a so-called "modem". Even if it was "free"!

3. Upgrading, updating your machines

I do this all the time. Putting in more RAM memory to make a machine faster; replacing internal hard drives with larger faster models; and upgrading and updating the operating system safely and securely.

4. Removing viruses from your machine

Easy, peasy! There are (at the time of writing), NO viruses for Apple Macintosh computers. None. At all.

Now, that's not to say that there will never be a virus or a firewall break on your Apple computer - but consider this - the underlying Unix operating system has been under attack - attacks which have failed - for nigh on thirty years. So far, Hackers 0; Apple 1! You can run anti-virus software on your Macintosh, but there's no real need, unless you use Microsoft WORD (which IS open to carrying virus packages to your PC colleagues from other PCs). No effect on the Macintosh, but you might want to be a good citizen amongst your PC-owning colleagues.

5. Other services

From time to time I send out an email to all my clients, alerting them to new machines, security fixes, items of interest, my holiday plans, etc.

I also know which end of an iPod is up; how to make simple websites (like this one); how to manage websites (I do that for a number of people); and I can spell and "do" some Linux. I avoid working with Windows machines - others do it better than I.

6. Terms and Conditions

If you are going to use my services, you'd better read my Terms and Conditions for doing business - that way we'll be clear about how to deal with each other in a business-like way. Have a look at them here:Purpose, Values, Terms and Conditions

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